Meeting Agendas
BDC Regular Meeting Agenda - August 26, 2011

Business Development Corporation of Vernon
Regular Meeting – August 26, 2011- 1:30pm
Vernon City Commission Chambers
1725 Wilbarger Street
Vernon, Texas   76384


1.         Call To Order.

2.         Approval of Minutes for the Regular Meeting of July 20, 2011.

3.         Acceptance of Financial Report for July 2011.

4.         Open Session: Nominating Committee Appointment:  Chairman Webb will appoint a nominating committee for next
            years BDC Board of Director offices.

5.         Open Session: President/CEO Evaluation:  President/CEO evaluation forms will be distributed with forms to be
           returned to Chairman Webb before the next Board meeting.

6.         Executive Session: Government Code Subchapter D., Section 551.087 Deliberation Regarding Economic
Development-Project Big Sky.

7.         Open Session:  Discuss and consider action regarding Government Code Subchapter D., Section 551.087 Deliberation
            Regarding Economic Development-Project Big Sky.

8.         President/CEO Report.   

9.         Public Comment.

10.        Adjournment.

POSTED: 8/23/11

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