Meeting Agendas
April 2009 Agenda for the BDC

Business Development Corporation of Vernon
Regular Meeting – April 15, 2009 - 1:30pm
Vernon City Commission Chambers
1725 Wilbarger St.
Vernon, Texas   76384


1.         Call To Order.

2.         Approval of Minutes of the regular meeting of March 19, 2009.

3.         Approval of Financial Report for March 2009.

4.         Wilbarger County Covered Arena Project update – Judge Greg Tyra.

5.         World Wide Notary (WWN) project update – Jason Streit

6.         President/CEO Report:

                      Projects and client activity update
                      Meetings attended/held during previous month
                      Leadership Vernon update
                      Wind/Solar Energy Summit(s)
                       IEDC Federal Summit Conference update
                       President/CEO 6-month evaluation form                          

7.         Public Comment.

8.         Adjournment.

POSTED: 4/9//09

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